Past Shows

Pamela was born in Norristown Pennsylvania, and grew up in Blue Bell. In high school she began painting, which progressed into interests in other areas of art. In 1993, she received a BFA with honors in Fine Art Photography from Tyler School of Art in Elkins Park, PA. In 2006, she earned a Master’s degree with distinguished honors in Counseling Psychology from Arcadia University in Glenside, PA. Pamela has participated in several group and solo exhibitions. She has participated in international juried exhibitions, received awards, and has been published.

During the past 13 years she has counseled adolescents and families, these experiences have served as a catalyst towards her growth as a person and as an artist. Currently, she is employed as a social worker and a therapist, but art is where her heart lies. She currently resides in Jeffersonville, Pennsylvania with her son who is a daily inspiration.

My photography contains many figures and faces, the window of my mind. A peek into a past that touches my future, not forgotten.  My fine art images explore and conceptualize my interest in people, personality, objects and the influence of our environment.

For many years, my subject matter has been people and nature. Both are beautiful and effected by one another. In one of my photographic journeys, I came across a statue of a woman at Longwood Gardens and was moved; I stepped into another time and space, her tranquil world. I began to search for other stones, statues, and objects and created stories for them much like my own. Through my photography, I love the idea of bringing life to inanimate objects. Nature is key in the metamorphosis… Life creating life. 

I also enjoy experimenting with color, multiple imagery, layering, textures and various personalities. When I study a person or stone figure, I wonder what they may be feeling or thinking. There is often an emotion that is evoked in me by their presence, and surroundings, and my goal is to recreate that emotion through photographic imagery.

All images are photographed with a 35mm film camera. Multiple images are made inside the camera

Pamela Martin
Fine Art Photography
              Tranquility-Color Photograph